Friday, August 10, 2012

Henna Theme Party

One of Putti's very good friend, Shakti celebrated her 5th Birthday recently and the theme was Henna! It was a fabulous party with Shakti's mother being DIY girl. We had loved her Mickey theme and this time  she had out done herself. I am glad to say i too was part of it:)
 This is Birthday banner cum photo back drop. The center part is a table cloth  from Bright Paisley Party Supplies with the letters glued on it to personalise. She used photoshop to mask the image onto the letters, print them and cut it off! Yellow., Orange and Red table cloth from the dollar tree was hung on either side to add more color! The little bed was were the ladies sat to get their hands painted with Henna. 
These Invitations came from Party city and TJ Maxx.
Indian theme party
Here is a look at the front door deco. The mango leaves hanging and flower garland are from India. The letters Welcome were printed out in the same manner as the Happy Birthday Sign above. The Henna design hand was a print out from google images.
Indian Henna theme party
One of the table's setting!
Henna theme party
A closer view showing the yellow and blue crunched tissue paper balls arranged to make the designs. The mango shaped things are from India.
Indian theme party
Another close up!
Birthday Girl Shakti and Putti showing off their Henna tatoos. Shakti loved the Trace and decorate giftwrap Putti had made just for her.
Henna theme party

A professional henna artist was invited who made beautiful designs on everyone(adult)'s hands within minutes.
Henna theme party
It was a party with over 25+ girls and not wanting to stain her new home walls with Henna. The little girls were given Henna Tattoos which they really loved. Here are the girls busy getting tattoos on.
Some of henna tattoos..
Henna theme party
Bright Paisley Party Supplies  from Party City.
Indian theme party
The food table setting. Notice the '5' hands everywhere. 
The food included:
  • Five fruits - grapes, watermelon, pineapple, strawberry and honeydew. The fruits had cute little fruit picks, which was tiny hand prints glued onto toothpicks:)
  • Five Varieties of Chocolates
  • Five Dishes : Pasta, Pakodas, Bread, Fried Rice, Rice Noodles
  • Five Deserts : Carrot Kheer, Badam Milk, Mango Icecream, Fruit Punch and Kulfi
  • Five Chips : Cheetos, Banana chips, Onion rings, Frito Scoops and Tositos

Henna Sugar Cookies which I made
Henna Cookies
Henna mini cupcakes. These are actually store bought which was levelled off using a butter knife and then used the royal icing made for cookies to draw the designs. 
Henna Cupcakes
The cake was from Au Peche Mignon a local french pastry shop with the yummiest cakes and pastries! But since they do not make custom design, my friend drew the henna designs herself.
Henna theme party
Here is the birthday girl making a wish and blowing the candles off!
The goody bags!
Some of the little girls could not resist seeing their mommy's hand with henna and got cute little designs for them too. Here are the mommy and daughter hands!
Henna theme party

Well Putti had to get her hands decorated with henna too!
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So beautiful, and well done! I love the henna, and the beautiful colors!



Spectacular idea!!!! So cultural! I love it! Beautiful photos!

Wow I bet that was a wonderful party to attend! I love the henna art, gorgeous. Those cupcakes are amazing. Thank you for sharing with The Sunday Showcase.

Such a fun party ! You ladies are so talented. Can't wait to try this with my girl. She loves henna and its our favorite summer fun :-) !

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