Saturday, July 28, 2012

Varamahalakshmi 2012

Today was Varamahalakshmi Festival, the festival of Goddess Lakshmi. While getting things ready for the pooja, Putti recalled our celebrations last year when we were in India with my parents! 
varamahalakshmi festival
 Here is a look at the complete deco..
vara lakshmi festival
Putti did help me and wanted to be part of everything. She performed the pooja singing a few shlokas and songs that she has learnt.
vara maha lakshmi festival
Naivedya- food offered to the goddesss 
varamahalakshmi vratham
 Rangoli I made
This year's celebrations were extra special as we got to have our lunch on a banana leaf in the traditional way. Thanks to our Indian Stores!
lunch on banana leaf 
vara maha lakshmi vrata
Celebrations in the past:
Varamahalakshmi Festival 2008

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Very nice Roops! Banana leaf oota makes a festival complete. Putti has grown up :) As always your deco rocks

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