Monday, August 15, 2011

Pulses Triranga Flag !!!

When I showed Putti some of the Tricolor photos from my 'Independence Day Round up', she wanted to make one using pulses right away. And since I had most of the items required for it, we got to work on it. We made an Indian Flag using pulses. She loved the whole process as it involved lots of glue, her favorite medium!!

Materials used:

  • Masoor Dal (Red Lentils)
  • Sabudana (Pearl Tapioca) (Could use Rice too, I used them as it was in my pantry and is brighter than rice)
  • Whole Moong (Green gram)
  • Red Kidney Bean
  • Elmers Glue
  • Blue Paint
  • a Paint brush
  • Cardstock (foam board would be better)

First I drew the 'Flag of India' on the card and let Putti color it with crayons. You could print a flag too. Avoid using marker as the color will bleed when you brush glue over it.
Next, she applied glue to the center of flag (the chakra which actually has 24 spokes but we just made a circle as that's easier for Putti).
And then she slowly put small amounts of pearl tapioca on it and pressed them down. Leave it for a while and lift the card off and the excess pearls will fall off.
Putti chose to paint it with blue right away (coloring the tapioca ahead would have been easier). We allowed the paint to dry before moving to next step.
Then applied glue to the rest of center part and filled it with tapioca pearls.
Applied glue to the top part of flag and pressed down masoor daal (red lentils).
Finally for the lower band, applied glue and poured green moong ...
And finally add red kidney bean one by one to make the flag pole. Allow it dry overnight
I love how excited she is each time we finish a project... definitely very proud of her Tricolor Flag!

Happy 65th Independence Day to all my Fellow Indians !!!

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How very cute - I pick up so many ideas from you and little Putti! :)

Lovely project


Thanks! I am glad you find our ideas inspiring:) I love to see urs too.

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