Monday, November 11, 2013

Diwali Rangolis 2013

Here are some of the Simple Rangolis I made for Diwali this year.

Diwali Creative Rangolis
Friends, the Diwali is over. We celebrated each day in simple, artful, fun ways and created loads of memories with family and friends. I love rangolis. A simple rangoli can light up the home environment, creating a festive mood and invite positive energy. Growing up, I watched my mother draw rangoli every day of the year in our front yard. I loved the way her fingers created various designs with white rangoli powder. I learnt so many of them and loved my rangoli design book. Soon, it was my job to make those rangolis. And on festivals, the girls on our street used to compete amongst ourselves to make the biggest and colorful rangoli. I miss those days. 
Now, living on a second floor apartment, my rangoli work is confined to indoors, mostly table tops and for just festivals. Also am looking for easier, quicker options as most Indian festivals are on weekdays and after a hectic day at work, I am in need for quick a fix. So, here's some of such rangolis I made on each day of Diwali. The best part is they double as table center too!
Simply spread rice flour/salt on a colorful paper. I actually used one of my daughter's crayon drawings, where she had colored the whole sheet randomly. Then using the back of a paint brush draw simple design. I have drawn a simple diya lamp. 
Diwali Creative Rangolis
 For the second day of Diwali, I spread rice on a plate and the using raisins (could use betel nuts too) i drew a simple diya lamp. Then a flower garland around it and TaDa the rangoli is done.
Diwali Creative Rangolis
 The play dough rangolis that I made last year was a huge hit amongst friends. So, made one this year too. The best part is Putti can make it easily.
Diwali Creative Rangolis
 Just arrange some leaves on a circular plate, use flowers and candles and you have a lovely set up.
Diwali Creative Rangolis
Happy Diwali again to all of our readers, friends and family!! Hope this festival of light brought you lots of joy and peace!!!

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