Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Painting / Printing with Flowers

Painting (Printing) with Flowers is a simple yet fun art activity for kids of all ages. Just dip and dab, it is as simple as that!
                                     Painting / Printing with Flowers Kids Art
I had a bunch of flowers from a flower bouquet that were wilting. I put them to some fun use before tossing them away. I cut the stems of the flowers leaving just enough stem to make a handle and the top of the flower became the paint brush. Poured in some Crayola Washable Kids Paint to a plate. Putti loved dipping the flowers in paint and the dabbing them on the paper. She however preferred to use the flowers more like stamps and print the flower petals on her paper.
Painting / Printing with Flowers Kids Art
Aren't the prints lovely! It would make a lovely card.
Painting / Printing with Flowers Kids Art
But if your child wants to use the flowers as paintbrushes and stroke the paint on their paper, that would be fun too. Especially young children don't make prints. They spread, and mix, and layer the paints until it's impossible to tell what they painted with in the first place. And that's ok!
Putti loved painting with two flowers.

Painting / Printing with Flowers Kids Art
The flowers look much more prettier with a little color, don't you think? 
Painting / Printing with Flowers Kids Art
Here is one more finished flower print painting of the day. I think this would be a lovely idea to make
some of our own gift wrapping paper.
Painting / Printing with Flowers Kids Art
Here's all of our Stamping/Printing art ideas. Have you ever painted with flowers? or anything other than paintbrush? Do share with me in comments. Thanks!

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