Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kids Science - Air Experiment

Kids love simple hands-on science experiments and I love projects that do not require a trip to the store. Just grab a straw, pull out some household objects and have fun with this science activity!!
Kids Science Air Experiment

Putti loves science and doing simple experiments. And off late she has been asking a lot of questions about air. We have been talking and learning about air. 

  • We breathe on our hands and we feel the moving air. 
  • We blow up a balloon with air and feel the trapped air inside the balloons.   
  • We let the air escape from the balloon and feel the air on our hands.
And this was our next simple experiment we did. We blow a variety of materials with straw. We blow air into the straw and see that the moving air can move things. 
What things did we try?
  • Small piece of yarn
  • Foam flower 
  • a Button
  • Seashell
  • crayon
  • cork
  • glue stick
  • pompom
  • a finger ring
  • rock

We gathered the things on our table and talked about which objects she thought could blown with a straw. She picked each one and weighed them with her hands. We noted down her predictions on our observation sheet. Then she tried blowing on each object to see if it would move. 
Kids Science Air Experiment
The yarn and foam flower were the easiest to move. 
Kids Science Air Experiment
The rock was very difficult to move . There was a lot of huffing and puffing to get it to move even just a little bit (see first picture). The other objects made it across the table to various distance. We then compared our predictions with the results in our observation sheet.
Kids Science Air Experiment
This air experiment is so easy to do and kids will love it. We love that it can be done with just any household objects you have. 
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