Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Strawberry Themed Birthday Party

One of Putti's little friend had a Strawberry themed birthday Party. It sure was very colorful and lots of fun for both big and little kids. 
Strawberry Themed Birthday Party DIY
 Strawberry is a fun theme, perfect for summer party. Loved the party decorations, some done by my friend herself and while others like the Strawberry shortcake ones were from the Stores. Love these balloons, which were made to look like a strawberry. All she had done was use some black marker to add the seeds on the red balloons. The key here is to color in after the balloons are blown.  Strawberry Themed Birthday Party DIY Balloons
 These felt Strawberry decorations look adorable and are easy to make too. Just cut red felt in the shape of strawberry, stick some tiny beads for the seeds and the stick the leaves cut from green felt.
Strawberry Themed Birthday Party
 Love this colorful back drop for the food table. Isn't this fun?
Strawberry Themed Birthday Party
 For the party favors there was strawberry shortcake hats, glasses, strawberry fruit bites and more!
Strawberry Themed Birthday Party
 The cake was delicious. It was the birthday girl's favorite - White Forest from a local french pastry, topped with lots of fresh strawberries to match the party theme :)
Strawberry Themed Birthday Party
I made these Strawberry cookies for the party. 
Strawberry Cookies Themed Birthday Party
The kids all got to make Strawberry Treat Cups. My previous post has all the details on how they were made. The kids then filled their cups with goodies and here's all of them with their cups!
Strawberry Themed Kids craft Birthday Party
 Here are some of the Strawberry Treat Cups that the kids made.
Strawberry Themed Kids Crafts Birthday Party
 Putti had made a Hand Print Strawberry card and wrapped her gift in DIY strawberry gift wrap for her little friend. It was a fun party!

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