Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kids Craft - 4th of July Hats

These 4th of July party hats are great Kids Craft to make in the last minute and are a fun addition to your BBQ and parties!
Kids Craft - 4th of July Hats
These hats  are easy and quick to make. And kids love crafts that they get to wear and show off. Check out  the simple tutorials and create some great hats with your kids on 4th of July.
You will need Construction paper or thick cardstock, Scissors, School glue, Stapler, Elastic and Red Marker. Draw a half circle on the construction paper and cut out the half circle. Invite your child to color the half circle with red stripes. 
Kids Craft - 4th of July DIY Hats
 Form the half circle into a cone, leveling the cone's base against a flat surface and estimating its size to fit on your child's head. Staple at the base of the seams. Try on your hat and if necessary, remove the staples and re-adjust the width of the base before stapling again. When you're happy with your hat's fit, apply white glue along the seams. Press along the glued seams from the inside. 
Kids Craft DIY 4th of July Hats
 Decorate it with some stars, staple a piece of elastic and your hat is ready!
Kids Craft DIY 4th of July Hats
 Putti wanted to make one more hat for her friend. This time she picked blue construction paper which she decorated with star stickers.
Kids Craft - 4th of July Hats
 Decorate the hat with more stars, pom-poms, tinsels or circle badges as you wish. These hats are great for filling your party with more stars and stripes. If you’re dressed up for Independence Day, top it off with these cheerful hats – perfect for party!
Kids Craft DIY Patriotic 4th of July Hats

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