Saturday, July 13, 2013

Easy Kids Craft - Tape Art

Tape Art is an easy craft for kids and can be adapted for kids of all ages!
Easy Kids Craft - Tape Art
 This is a very easy and fun project that yields lovely colorful results.  No paints, no mess, easy clean up, and a beautiful creation! We purchased this bright printed colored tape from Target. Putti has had a lot of fun with it making lots of abstract artwork similar to the Tape Art in the past. We had used them to decorate some easter eggs too. Recently, we both had even more FUN with this tape.  
Easy Kids Craft Tape Art Collage
 Here is the colorful star that Putti made. She really worked hard trying to make each of the tape the same size. There was lot of thinking and estimating involved.
Easy Kids Craft Tape Art Collage
 Next she tried to make a house, but her roof got too big that she had no space left. She now thinks, it looks like a pyramid!
Easy Kids Craft Tape Art Collage
 She wanted to make a sun and suggested may be she draw a circle to guide her, so it doesn't become too big. So here's how she proceeded with her sun.
Easy Kids Craft Tape Art Collage
 She just kept tearing little pieces of tape to complete the center of the sun and then added the rays all around it. You can make a flower too!
Easy Kids Craft Tape Art Collage
 This colorful butterfly turned out so beautiful. When she asked how she can decorate the wings, I suggested her the easy use of markers. But she had other idea and asked me to rip the tape into tiny pieces for her which she stuck. Love her idea!!
Easy Kids Craft Tape Art Collage
 And then, she wanted to make a picture of her and daddy. This was a combined effort and I helped her with the face and she did the rest. Isn't it a fun picture?
Easy Kids Craft Tape Art Collage

  • Kids can use a scissor to cut the tape or  just tear it, but tearing makes the white edges on tape.  
  • Older children can cut or tear as they go, but for younger kids you can cut several pieces of tape in varying lengths.
  • Putti has loved playing with tape. See her Tape City on Wall that she created in our bedroom.
  • A last minute simple DIY gift wrap using colored tapes.
  • Check out the beautiful printed tape greetings cards over at The Chocolate Muffin Tree.
  • What else would you suggest creating with these?

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Such a creative idea! They have tape in so many different patterns and designs now that there will always be something new to make.

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