Friday, April 26, 2013

Recycled Tree Craft For Arbor's Day

Who wouldn’t love this Recycled Tree Craft For Arbor's Day that’s perfect for a variety of ages?
Recycled Tree Kids Craft Earth Day Arbor's Day
I love to recycle/upcycle things from around the house and use them in our crafts. This was done at a local Green Arts Festival, organised by our reusable resource center that collects and redistributes reusable materials to the community. The wonderful thing is all that you need is available in your recycle box! Here's what you will need -

  • Newspaper
  • Brown paper scraps or brown colored clippings from magazines
  • Empty Cereal box
  • Glue
  • Green Paint and brush

The idea is similar to our Magazine Tree. The craft can be made to fit a wide age range – little kids will LOVE the painting and glueing aspect and older kids will LOVE the cutting. First paint the newspapers with green paint, use a sponge brush and remind the kids more paints will make the paper soggy and it will rip. Let it dry. Once dry cut, a tree shape and some leaves out of it. Also cut a stem and branches from the brown paper. Toddlers may need help with cutting the the trunk, branches and leaves, but older kids will enjoy creating the whole thing on their own. Next let the kids glue the cuttings onto cereal box to complete their tree.
Recycled Tree Newspaper Kids Craft Earth Day Arbor's Day
Love the story that Putti kept telling as she made her tree. It was a very windy day it seems, so many leaves were falling off. To make grass, cut a long strip of painted newspaper, then make thin slits on its long side, to resemble blades of grass. Glue this to the bottom of the picture. Here is her finished Recycled Tree Craft For Arbor's Day!!
Newspaper Tree Kids Craft Earth Day Arbor's Day

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What a lovely idea :) Definitely will be trying this.

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