Thursday, April 11, 2013

DIY Personalized Kids Name Plaque

This Personalized Name Plaque is a fun idea for Kids room doors. Putti really loves hers.
DIY Personalized Kids Name Plaque
 Ever since we moved to a new apartment couple of months ago, Putti is very excited to have her own playroom. We are slowly getting her room ready. And  I thought her room door could use a little personalization and wanted to make her very own name plaques. She loved the idea too and when I was sent some Apple Barrel Paint and Mod Podge Washout, I knew just what to do with them. 

Apple Barrel Paint Kids Mod Podge
 I picked an oval wooden plaque from Michaels and let Putti choose how she wanted to paint it. She chose pink Apple Barrel paint to cover the whole plaque. I love their all-purpose craft paint for our projects because it cleans up easily with soap and water (while wet) and comes in so many pretty colors. 
DIY Personalized Kids Name Plaque
Next, she wanted to add some dotted border to it. She used cotton swabs to add the purple and yellow  dots all around.
DIY Personalized Kids Name Plaque
We left the paint to dry and it dried quickly - a plus when you're working with kids who can't wait and want to move on to the next step. I did suggest using the stencils for her name initial, but she had other idea. So, I cut letters to spell her name, some flowers and hearts as she suggested from wrapping paper scraps that I had. And then applied them to the painted wooden plaque with Mod Podge Washout. 
DIY Personalized Kids Name Plaque
This is the same formula as "regular" Mod Podge but it washes out of clothing and furniture with soap and water, even when it's dry. Isn't this great for mothers and teachers. This will be my "go-to" Mod Podge for all my kid's projects from now on.  
Next stapled a loop of ribbon to the back and hung it on her room door!. To avoid any banging against the door I added a little adhesive strip to the back and adhered to the door.
DIY Personalized Kids Name Plaque
I love how this turned it and it is so easy to make. Kids can add pictures of thing they like - butterflies, cars, balls, animals etc. A special thank you to Plaid Enterprises for sharing such fun art supplies with us. Be sure to Like Plaid Crafts on FacebookFollow on Twitter and on Pinterest for all the latest product information.

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