Monday, March 25, 2013

Easy Kid Painted T Shirt

This is a very easy way for Kids to paint their own T Shirts!
Easy Kid Painted T Shirt
Holi is the only one celebration where in I prefer to wear some old aka faded cloths as anyway they will get soaked in all the colors or wear synthetic cloths which do not absorb much color. So, this year when I picked a faded white shirt for Putti to wear, she was not happy at all. She wanted some nice and complained it was not colorful. Though I tried talking to her that it will get colored once we start the color play, she was not convinced. And, we hardly had time to do any painting and I did not want to waste/ruin any other good shirt. So, asked her if she wanted to use Do-a-dot markers to make it a polka dots shirt and she jumped right in.
First, I cut a star-burst shape from a piece of contact paper and stick it on the front of the shirt. Slid my cutting board into the shirt, to avoid the colors bleeding to the backside of shirt. Any cardboard will work too, I just did not have time to look for it.  Then let Putti use the dot markers as she liked all over the shirt. Though I did tell her to use one coor to outline the star-burst caontact paper, I had stuck. Once she was happy with her dots, I peeled the contact paper and painted the letters 'HOLI' in the center of the star burst and put the shirt in microwave for quick drying.
And, we went off to play colors with our friends at the Park.
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