Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easy Egg Decorating With Kids For Easter

If you’re looking for an easy last-minute Easter Egg Decorating with kids idea, I have one for you.
Easy Egg Decorating With Kids For Easter
These polka dot Easter eggs are not only cute but easy and quick to do. Dot stickers are one of the favorite stickers of my girl. She had used them in fall to make pumpkins decorated with dot stickers and also used them to decorate a gift wrap. She had loved them both, so I was sure she would like it with eggs too. All you need to do is have some eggs hard boiled for the kids. Blown out eggs should work too, but I am really not gonna try it as I don't like the idea, as I am scared I might suck it up accidently ewww. Now, it’s time to get decorating. Putti stuck dot stickers onto the eggs. This was a fantastic activity for practicing fine motor skills. 
Easy Egg Decorating With Kids For Easter
After decorating the two eggs that I had for her, as expected Putti wanted more eggs to decorate. So, I gave her some of the plastic eggs and she loved decorating those too. The bigger dot stickers did not stay adhered well, but that did not bother her much. I love how she layered the little dot stickers over the big ones here.
Easy Egg Decorating With Kids For Easter
Here are some of the plastic eggs she decorated.  You can make patterns on your eggs using these colorful dot stickers or by gluing on circles punched from colored paper.
Easy Egg Decorating With Kids For Easter
A look at all of these dotty eggs. If you don’t have any dot stickers on hand, any stickers would look fun and colorful. These would look great on dyed eggs too.
Easy Egg Decorating With Kids For Easter
She loved this so much she asked to do them again the next time we had boiled eggs. Easy Egg Decorating With Kids For Easter
Do you decorate eggs with your kids for Easter? What is your favorite method?

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I never thought of decorating an egg with stickers, but I love how they turned out!

Thank you. Stickers are a big hit with my girl !!

wow!! fantastic idea!! so easy for my younger two to make!!

would love it if you could share this on my link party that goes live tomorrow morning

Natasha @ <a href=">Serenity You</a>

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