Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine Kids Craft - Jeweled Heart

This Jeweled Heart as Putti calls is a colorful and lovely Valentine Kids Craft !
Valentine Kids Craft - Jeweled Heart

These days Putti has a lot of her own ideas and tells me that her brain works up to her ideas lol :) I love seeing her think out an idea and put time and effort into a special piece she is making for a special person. It's very sweet. She asked me yesterday, if I can help her make a jeweled heart for her special friend. When I asked her how to make one, she said 'It is easy amma, I will show you and asked for the things she wanted". 
To start with you’ll need to cut a heart. Putti used cereal box card to cut hers. Folding the card in half makes it easier for kids to cut  shapes and as a bonus you’ll get both halves of the heart to be the same size and  symmetrical. 
Then she covered her heart in bright red paint and let it dry. After it dried, she decorated by gluing a variety of sequins and spangles all around the heart until it was filled up.  It came together beautifully and was made with lots of love. I absolutely love how it looks. It glimmers and shines in the light.
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