Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shaving Cream and Colored Sand

Shaving cream is a fun sensory activity that will get your kids’ attention for long. Throw in some colored sand for added fun! 
Shaving Cream and Colored Sand Sensory Play Kids
 Shaving cream is cheap, it's fun, it's easy to clean up, and there's lots of ways to play with it. Putti loves to play with it, just squishing it between her fingers, smoothening it, drawing over it etc. We have added water colors to it in the past and also Putti has used to draw on our windows. The added advantage is you end up with super clean windows. You could try to contain it in a box, sort of like a sensory box too. But we like to play on the table itself, as it is plastic plus every once in a while it needs cleaning to get rid of all the paint/marker stains:) Just squeeze out as much as shaving foam you want on the table.
Shaving Cream Sand Sensory Play Kids
Add some colored sand (colored salt should work too). We used whatever was left in a sand art kit.
Shaving Cream and Colored Sand Sensory Play Kids
Doesn't it look lovely?
Shaving Cream Sensory Play Kids
A closer look.
Shaving Cream and Colored Sand Sensory Play Kids
Putti loved diving right in and began mixing to create colorful billows of foam.  If you add sand in primary colors, it will become a experimenting with color mixing, adding a new dimension to the activity!  You can add paintbrushes or spoons for kids who are a little less eager to dive in with their hands. Putti loved how the sand felt amidst the soft and smooth shaving cream. 
Shaving Cream and Colored Sand Sensory Play Kids
It is a lovely sensory experience plus kids also build language skills as they describe the color and textures. 
Shaving Cream and Colored Sand Sensory Play Kids

Cleaning tip: When it comes time to clean up, ask your kids to “shave” the cream off each hand with their other hand, scraping it into a bowl.  Then you can use an old credit card or a squeegee to 'shave' off all the cream from the table. Shaving Cream and Colored Sand Sensory Play Kids
The kids will need to wash up at the sink or in our case, we end up in the bath tub for more shaving cream play from what was 'shaved off' the table followed by a nice warm bath!
Shaving Cream and Colored Sand Sensory Play Kids

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Love the combination of shaving cream and sand. What fun!

Cool idea. I've done shaving cream and food coloring but never thought of this. Glitter would work well too. Pinned it.

What a fun sensory experience that must have been. Wouldn't have thought to add sand to shaving cream. Pinning!

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