Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sewing on Plastic Canvas

Sewing on a Heart shaped plastic canvas would be a perfect Valentine sewing project for Kids!
Kids Sewing on Heart Plastic Canvas
After sewing a simple felt garland, Putti has been asking for more sewing to do and did sew a few simple heart pillows too. Then I pulled out the plastic canvas for her.
To make: Cut a heart (Putti asked for a BIG one) from the plastic canvas, add a blunt needle, some beads, buttons and an enthusiastic preschooler. 
Kids can have fun ‘sewing’ on beads and buttons to their hearts content to make a pretty Heart Canvas all of their own. Putti asked to use a pipe cleaner to sew, because the eye of our blunt needle is too big for the little beads she chose. I simply reminded Putti to always come up from the back to the same side and to always pull the thread all the way through. 
Kids Sewing on Heart Plastic Canvas
She did a great job sewing the beads and buttons. She sewed them around the border of the heart, which I did not ask her to. When asked she said, she like it that way and it looks like the 'paper plate wreath' she sewed during Christmas
Kids Sewing on Heart Plastic Canvas
 She then asked if she can add something else and looking through our craft box, wanted to sew pompoms. So that is what she added next to the canvas colorful pompoms!
Kids Sewing on Heart Plastic Canvas
 Though I did not plan for this to look like this, I really love how it turned out. And fo the center part, I suggested she sew a felt heart and I had to help her a bit with that. Isn't this beautiful?
Kids Sewing on Heart Plastic Canvas
 Here it is all finished. It took Putti 3 days to complete this beautiful Heart Canvas.
Kids Sewing on Heart Plastic Canvas
I have been teaching sewing to a couple of Putti’s friends as well. Both Girls and boys have been loving it. Some of the kids, like to sew straight stitches all around the edge or back and forth across the canvas. Others like to “go crazy” and sew different lengths and directions all over the canvas. It’s amazing how long they sit and focus on this activity. Little do they know they are working on fine motor skills while they sew.
Happy Sewing with your Kiddos!
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My son on and off expresses interest in sewing...this would be a great place to start.

She did an awesome job! I love it! She is very creative!!

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