Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kids Sewing - Simple Felt Garland

A  valentine sewing activity for kids who are used to sewing for a while is this simple felt garland!
Kids Sewing Valentine Simple Felt Garland
Putti has been doing a lot of pre-sewing and simple sewing as a toddler and preschooler. She has now moved to sewing with real aka sharp needle to sew felt. She has sewed a garland of sorts with the felt scraps we had in the past. But this time with valentines day just around the corner, I cut some hearts from felt pieces I had. Used whatever color I had at  home. Putti marked dots on  each heart to guide herself sew, love her idea! She did not sew exactly on the dots marked, but I am so happy she is making her own ideas up.
Kids Sewing Valentine Simple Felt Garland Heart
Then she started sewing the hearts one after another, she did follow a pattern with them.  She did a running stitch using a needle size number 16. The process of putting the needle through one heart and pulling it out and to join another heart over and over takes some good concentration. I am really proud of my girl who just turned 5!!
 Kids Sewing Valentine Simple Heart Felt Garland
After all the hearts are done, knot the end, wear it as a necklace and party!
Kids Sewing Valentine Simple Felt Garland
 It sure makes a fun valentine head band too.
Kids Sewing Valentine Simple Felt Garland
 But, we finally decided to hung it up to liven our doorway! Does it not look lovely?
Kids Sewing Valentine Simple Hearts Felt Garland
 Do your kids love sewing? Do feel free to share your ideas/links with me in comments!

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WOW Roopa..I should try this with my kuttu too.You make it look so easy

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