Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heart Mosaics - Kids Valentine Craft

These Heart Mosaics are a lovely yet simple kids craft for Valentine's Day!
When I first thought of this, I wanted to do a torn paper collage similar to Torn Paper Christmas Tree during Holidays. But when I talked to Putti she wanted to use scissors, so that is what we did. But torn paper heart collage would look lovely too! And Mosaics or Collages are a fun way to use up scraps to make beautiful art.
You will need:
  • Some cardboard
  • red paper/paint sample cards
  • scissors
  • glue
  • a marker 
Start by having your child (if they are able to) cut the paint sample cards into smaller pieces. If not you can let them tear into pieces too or maybe you can cut for them. Putti was stacking a couple while cutting and said proudly "Look! Amma, I am cutting just like you" .
 Draw a heart on the cardboard. You could use cereal box, but Putti today asked for a pink cardstock. Let you child put glue and then stick pieces of paint sample cards on it. Remind them to hold down the pieces to a count of 10 as they glue them. This will prevent the cards from buckling. Talk about how the pieces are overlapping and the shades of red used etc.
 Here is the finished Paint Sample Heart Mosaic. You could cut it out or just leave it like this.
 Putti was so proud of her Mosaic that she took it to her preschool to show her teacher.  She really loved the idea and then had all the kids do it with some construction paper. Here is Putti's mosaic from her school !
 You can see both these are now displayed on her room wall with a couple of other 'Heart' arts !

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I love crafts like this. I did something similar with my daughter using crumpled up tissue paper. Would love for you to share this on my Talented Tuesday link up here:

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