Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY Kids Valentine Cards - Heart Runnies

These Heart Runnies Kids Valentine Cards are so simple and fun to make. Children will enjoy the process too. Read ahead to learn how we made these.
 Making cards is a great way to encourage the kids to express their creativity and imagination and there is big bonus of writing practice.  Homemade cards are best to give because they show the thought, love and effort the family/kids put in. I almost always involve my girl and  create some simple yet lovely homemade cards. You can see all the cards we have made so far here. Birthday cards are real fun as you only need to make one so can input a lot of your time. But when making Thank you cards, Holiday cards like for school Valentine card exchange you will need to make a bunch. That is when you need something that is fast yet a fun process based activity. Today’s post is one such a Valentine card idea.
If you have been reading my blog for sometime now, You might remember the simple art activity 'Runnies'. We repeated the same thing this time, except that we used heart shaped card stock. 
You will need:
  • White cardstock
  • Watered down tempera paint or liquid water colors 
  • Droppers 
  • a tray or something to catch the paint drips
  • Colored cardstock or heart doily (optional)
Please do visit my earlier runnies post for detailed step by step photos of the process. Basically what you do is  drop watered paint on your cardstock and then lift it and make it run away. It is real fun and kids can try and tackle the paint droplets and avoid dripping as long as they want. (PS - this pic is from the earlier post)
 Here is a whole lot of hearts, Putti finished in less than 15 minutes. You can stick to just reds, pinks and purples, but Putti wanted to use yellow too. I love the color mixing that happened here, as the paint droplets run into each other.
You could simply write your message on the back of these and hand them out to friends.
or make it a little more colorful by gluing it to a colored card stock like this.
You could even get more fancier and cut the colored cardstock all around too like seen below.
Or even glue it to a colored heart doily or a painted heart doily like ours.
Do your kids make Valentine Cards for friends and family?
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These look really cool! I'll have to find my pipettes so we can try it.

Thanks Jessica and Katherine! Medicine or Ink droppers would work well too :)

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