Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tissue Paper Butterfly

I had fun making these tissue paper butterflies for Putti's 5th Birthday Party.
This is the second set of butterfly decorations that we made for Putti's 5th Birthday party. I found this idea at Barakah Life, who had made a lovely garland of these. Design mom made some with just rectangle tissue paper that would be great for little kids, who are not yet skilled to cut butterfly shapes.
You will need:
  • pipe cleaners
  • scissors
  • colorful tissue paper
Take a stack of tissue paper that you want to use and fold it in half, taco style -so everything is folded in half.   Now cut out the butterflies. You can just freehand cut it out, you don’t have to be perfect as it turns out it does not matter. I did however draw a outline to help myself.  Here is a picture taken by Putti using my phone and do excuse the light we were working late evenings. 
You can seriously cut a large amount of these at once. Here are the ones I cut. 
 Stack up three pieces of tissue. I used three different colors for each one, just do what you like.  Cut the pipe cleaners in half. Take a pipe cleaner and bend it in half. Take the tissue papers and scrunch them up in the middle, then slide the pipe cleaner over the tissue. 
 Next twist the pipe cleaner to secure to the tissue. Then twist the ends of the pipe cleaner to make the antennae.
Now separate  each tissue layer and “fluff” out the wings. Here are the Tissue Paper Butterflies.

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