Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sankranti 2013

We had a wonderful Sankranti celebration this year with friends and their family. Being a working day did not disrupt us as our spirits were high! All the working moms, dads  and kiddos were equally geared up and charged to enjoy the festivities!
Here is Putti all adorned in her festive best holding a plate with 'eLLu bella' (recipe here) mixture and fruits to be distributed amongst friends, which is called 'eLLu bella beeruvudu' :)
Sankranti Pongal Kids Bhogi Pallu
 When exchanging the 'eLLu bella' the words ' eLLu bella tindu oLLe maataaDu' are said. This means 'eat sesame-jaggery mix and talk sweet' :) It is our Spin Art Sun Banner in the background.
Sankranti Pongal Kids Bhogi Pallu ellu bella
 Next the kids all had a 'berry shower' called as Bhogi pallu. You can read more about what is showered and the significance of it in my post. While doing the shower it is customary to decorate the kids with sugar jewels which is not available here in US, so we have used marshmallow garland, fruitloop necklace and candy necklace in the past. This time however I did not find any candy necklace in the store, it is an Easter thing I believe  So made a garland by threading some colorful gum drops and it sure was a messy job ;)
Sankranti Pongal Kids Bhogi Pallu
Followed by an arati and rakshe seeking the blessings of the Lord sun to keep the kids healthy. 
Sankranti Pongal Kids Bor Nahan Bhogi Pallu
And off course there was an elaborate festive food spread prepared me and my friends. But we all were in such a hurry to eat, that we forgot to get pictures ;)
Sankranti Pongal Kids Bor Nahan Bhogi Pallu
You can read about our Sankranti celebrations from the past:

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