Sunday, January 20, 2013

Paint Your Own India Flag T Shirt

These lovely India Flag T Shirts that the kids are sporting, can be painted by the kids themselves! Putti painted her own with little help from us adults. 
Paint Your Own India Flag T Shirt
Please note that The India flag has 3 horizontal stripes of saffron, white and green with a blue wheel with 24 spokes in the very center. Our T Shirts are not accurate in representing the Indian flag (guess it looks like Ireland flag) except for the Tricolors of our Flag. This is my friend's idea and she wanted a dripping paint look to the shirts and hence painted them this way. Sorry about that, please use this idea to create T Shirt with kids and may be you can make it look better like India Flag.
Putti took part in the annual cultural event organised by our local Indian association during November. The event she was part of was India flag dance formation and to get the little kids more excited, the co-ordinator painted India Flag Tshirts for all the kids, which they wore it for the practise sessions. Since this was not for the actual dance itself, so no need for perfection and also because the co-ordinator is a dear friend of mine, I told her I would love if Putti painted her own Tshirt and would really not mind the out put.

First, insert a cardboard (we have used an old cutting board) inside the shirt so that the paint colors do not bleed. Fix it nicely stretched using some binder clips. Then draw a simple outline of a 3 piece zig zag puzzle in pencil.
Paint Your Own India Flag T Shirt
 My friend first outlined the saffron part and then Putti took it from there. She painted the insides with utmost care. Love her concentration here.
Paint Your Own India Flag T Shirt
 Skip the white part and paint the green outline.
Paint Your Own India Flag T Shirt
 Finish painting the green part of the flag.
Paint Your Own India Flag T Shirt
 By this time a couple of Putti's friends including the co-ordinator's daughter who were watching Putti wanted to try too. But my friend had already painted their shirts and did not have any more spare shirts for them to try. But, Putti was very good and agreed to let them paint the rest of her shirt.
 Once the white part is painted and dry, paint a small circle in navy blue in the center of white. And when that dries add details in white.
Paint Your Own India Flag T Shirt
 After the paint dries, iron on the back of the shirt for the paint to set in. Here are are the happy kids during the practice sessions!
Paint Your Own India Flag T Shirt
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But why have you painted the flag sideways?? It now represents Flag of Cote d'Ivoire... :(

Thanks Shama! Loved your Coin rubbing flag:)

As mentioned in the post, this was my friend's (the dance co-ordinator's idea) and she wanted a dripping paint look hence the sideway look of the flag:(
I have highlighted that part in the post! But I do love the idea used to paint :)

Yes its a fab idea ... and the kids look so bright n cheerful. Except for it being sideways, I do love the concept and execution..

Thanks Shruti! Yes, a lovely idea with some misplacement.

What paint did u use...acrylic or fabric???

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