Wednesday, January 23, 2013

India Flag Fruit Pizza

This India Flag Fruit Pizza makes a delicious and healthy addition to any Tricolor Party. 
I made this for a Tricolor Party that we had with some of my Indian friends here in North Florida. Everyone was getting some tricolored food and  I was given dessert and friends did expect me to make some Flag cookies, which I did make. I also wanted something else, first thought of baking a cake, but there was another lady getting cupcake for the kids, so skipped that. Finally decided to give this Fruit Pizza a try.
I used my favorite eggless sugar cookie recipe for the base. Rolled it out and cut a rectangle.
 Baked it at 350F for 25 minutes and let it cool. While the cookie is baking, wash-peel and cut all your fruits. I was too scared to move it off the cookie sheet to nice serving tray as I thought it would break. So, left the cookie base in the sheet itself. Next, mixed up a tub of cream cheese with a tub of cool whip. Spread the mixture over the cookie base. I used a spoon and a butter knife to spread it out. (I realise that even if the cookie base had broken, I could have managed to fit it together on the tray and it really would not have mattered, as it would be covered with cream anyway- something to remember for next time)
Now place the fruits over the cookie base topped with cream. I used Oranges, Banana and Kiwi for the Saffron, White and Green stripes of the flag. For the blue wheel (dharma chakra) in the middle, I did not find blueberries so used raisins :)
Here is the India Flag Fruit Pizza ready to be cut and gobbled up!
Stay tuned for a yummy Tricolor Party post with almost all foods in the colors of India Flag :)
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Awesome creativity. Thanks for giving me nice idea for my next party.

wow....looks awesome and delicious, good for health too.

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Such a fun idea! And delicious to.

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


All the food is looking great........loved your suggestions

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