Thursday, January 3, 2013

Folded Paper Butterflies

Making these lovely Folded Paper Butterflies is easier than you think. They made some colorful decorations for Putti's Butterfly themed 5th Birthday Party.
Folded Paper Butterfly theme party
There are so many ways to make and decorate a paper butterfly. You can find many ideas on my Butterfly Party pinterest board. I wanted to do something easy, quick and new for me technique. So, when I found this on UK Lass in US, I knew I can make those.
You could use colored copy paper like I did or upcycle some of your kids artwork or even use some pretty patterned paper too. Just take 2 squares of paper, one about an inch larger than the other.
Folded Paper Butterflies
Fold them in half along the diagonal, then continue folding them accordion style across the remainder of the square. 
Folded Paper Butterflies

Folded Paper origami Butterflies
Then all you have to do is twist a pipe cleaner around the middle of the 2 folded squares to secure them together.

Origami Folded Paper Butterfly kids party
 Then pull the folds open a bit, to resemble butterfly wings. Twist the end of the pipe cleaner to form the ends of the antannae.
origami Folded Paper Butterflies kids party
 Here are the colorful butterflies we made.
Folded Paper Butterflies origami
Other methods to make these folded butterflies:
  1. Using the template given on Paper Craft Central seems to give a better shaped butterfly. 
  2. A slightly different folding technique to make butterflies using rectangle paper over at Passengers on a Little Spaceship
Other creative uses for these paper butterflies:
  • Perfect for a garden theme party decoration.
  • Makes some lovely spring/ summer kids crafts.
  • You can string them singly to make a curtain, a banner, or even make a pretty mobile. 
  • Use them to decorate a special gift or the top of a box. 
  • Put a magnet on the back and you have a beautiful fridge or metal filing cabinet decoration.
  • Made in small sizes they can be used in scrapbooks or homemade cards too.
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They look great! And the colours are wonderful.

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