Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DIY Royal Icing Butterfly Cupcake Toppers

These DIY Royal Icing Butterfly Cupcake Toppers are easy to make and can also be used as edible decoration for your cakes and other desserts.
DIY Royal Icing Butterfly Cupcake Toppers
I wanted to make  a step by step tutorial on these Royal Icing Butterflies. But, as you all know because of the illness I got to make these just the day before the party and due to last minute making, I really did not have time to slow down to stop and take step by step pictures for you all. Sorry about that, you can visit Sweetopia for a detailed tutorial with pictures. 
Things needed
- royal icing 
- wax paper
- paper clip
-food coloring 
-colored sanding sugar

  1. You need to make a template you will be using to make your butterflies. Mine were mini cupcakes and this above template worked well for me.
  2. Using paper clip attach wax paper on the top of your butterfly templates.
  3. Remember to make the royal icing an outline consistency which is thicker than flooding. Tint the royal icing in the colors you like and fill the bags. I use a simple sandwich bag to pipe, but you can as well use a piping bag with a tip. 
  4. Draw thick outlines following your template. Be patient if you can't get it at first try, it is easy to wipe the icing off the wax paper and try again. :-)  
  5. Pour some colored sanding sugar over the wet icing. I used same colored sugar as my icing.
  6. Pick the wax paper up and pour excess sanding sugar back into container.  
  7. Make extras of your wing shapes as royal icing transfers can break easily, especially if they’re a delicate design.  You could fill the whole wing if you want to make it thicker and thus less fragile.
  8. Let the icing dry for at least 24 hours.
  9. Gently remove icing wings by peeling the wax paper backing away.
  10. Place 2 wings at an inclined angle on top of your cupcake frosting and then pipe a thin body in contrasting color icing and royal icing butterfly is born ;-))
DIY Royal Icing Butterfly Cupcake Toppers

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