Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY Color Your Own Gift Bags

These Color Your Own Gift Bags are easy to make and were a hit with the kids at Putti's 5th birthday party and best part they can be made for any themed party/ holiday.
DIY Color Your Own Gift Bags Butterfly Goody
Just like last year, when we had made some simple caterpillar goody bags, I was thinking of making some butterfly gift bags with Putti. Thought of doing either stamp with butterfly cookie cutters or butterfly shaped sponge stamping or decorate with butterfly stickers.  But, also wanted to try something new as we had already used these methods to decorate her own birthday presents aka butterfly gift wrapping papers. So, I was looking for more ideas that would be simple and easy for me and Putti to make.
Putti has really loved the Color your own bags that she gets at the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, organised by our city. Those bags are from Oriental Trading, but when I checked them found that they also have them for Valentines, Halloween, Christmas etc but none for spring/ butterfly. This was a very nice idea and it would double as a party art activity too. But, the very idea of printing butterfly coloring pages and then making them into bags put me off, as I really do not have that kind of patience nor had time. So was looking for easier ideas. Then one fine day, it just occurred to me that I could buy plain white gift bags and then draw/trace butterfly on them for kids to colour. This seemed more doable and that is what I did. I do not know if you can print onto bags using your home printer, if yes, that would be the very best!
Anyways here is what I did. To make my job of drawing the butterflies on each easier and also to make them all look similar, I just cut a simple butterfly stencil out of a cereal box and that really made my job easy peasy.
DIY Color Your Own Gift Bags Butterfly Goody
And the kids at the party really loved coloring their bags! Some kids used rainbow colors while others colored their butterflies symmetrically. This activity was sort of a filler at the party, while the kids who came early(on time) got time to do these and those that came later took the bags home to color.
DIY Color Your Own Gift Bags Butterfly Goody
Here are some of the colored bags. The one with added sun, grass and butterfly stickers is what Putti colored :)
DIY Color Your Own Gift Bags Butterfly Goody

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Love the 'color your own gift bags' ! Very creative

Love the 'color your own gift bags' ! Very creative

Your little girl is very lucky indeed. I was looking for buttrtfly party ideas and came across your blog and I must say, it's beautiful. Every detail has so much of creativity and love put into it, it almost brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas. I am inspired and I would love to use some of your ideas if that is ok.

I really like these! Love how you can customize gift bags any way you would like with this technique

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