Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DIY Butterfly Birthday Bunting

This Butterfly Birthday Bunting was very easy for us to make and was perfect for a butterfly party!
DIY Butterfly Birthday Bunting Kids Party
We love making buntings/ banners as I think they add a very festive look to any occasion and are quiet easy to make. Check all the buntings we have made so far. 
For Putti's butterfly birthday, she obviously wanted to make a butterfly shaped bunting. I found these butterfly cut outs at our dollar store saved me the time of cutting them myself.
DIY Butterfly Birthday Bunting Kids Party
I did not like the color, thought it was not bright. So wanted to paint some bright colors on the back of it, but then again because of our illness just before her birthday did not have time to do it. So, first using the Martha Stewart Patterns & Shapes Paper Stencils, Putti painted some patterns on the butterfly cut outs. The butterfly cut out is placed beneath the stencil, can be seen if you look harder.
DIY Butterfly Birthday Bunting Kids Party
While these dried, I cut circles out of purple construction paper. These circles were glued to the center of the butterflies. Later added foam alphabet stickers to them to spell the words 'Happy Birthday Sahitya'. Then taped these butterflies on a ribbon and the bunting was all ready to be hung. 
DIY Butterfly Birthday Bunting Kids Party

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