Friday, January 18, 2013

Craft Foam Snowman

This Craft Foam Snowman is one snowman that your kids can build and decorate over & over again!
Craft Foam Snowman Kids Activity
Ever since we pulled down our Craft Foam Christmas Tree from our windows when moving to our new home, Putti has been missing it badly. So, while we unpacked and arranged things in the new home, I made her this simple build a snowman with craft foam. It has kept her busy for long hours as she decorates and redecorates him  often!
Things needed:
  • One 12"x18" White craft foam sheet (97 cents at Michaels)
  • Colorful craft foam (You can buy 32 sheets of 4"x6" craft foam from Dollar Tree) I used scraps of craft foam I had.
  • Scissors and water
First trace a big circle and a slightly smaller circle on the white craft foam sheet. Cut the white craft foam and cut other parts from colored foam. You could get as creative as you like with this. I kept it fairly simple and Putti gave me ideas like she asked to cut fingers separately so that she can add as many fingers she likes :) Here is the lot I cut out.
Craft Foam Snowman Kids Activity
Next all you need is a flat and smooth surface like a window, bath wall, refrigerator, doors etc. Putti chose to build hers on her new room window. Using a spray bottle spritz the foam or a using paint brush paint the foam with water and stick it to the window. For smaller pieces dipping them in a bowl of water and then sticking is helpful.
Craft Foam Snowman Kids Activity
Putti loved decorating her snowman. It is a good idea to keep a towel close by.for any spills.  
Craft Foam Snowman Kids Activity

Here is her friend Frosty the snowman.
Craft Foam Snowman Kids Activity

Putti remembered the fancy cut pieces we had used to decorate the Christmas tree and used some of those too. The snowflakes are from dollar tree which she found during our next visit.
Craft Foam Snowman Kids Activity

Right now the craft foam snowman is decorating our patio glass door! Love how she has designed his hat too :)
Craft Foam Snowman Kids Activity
Frosty the Snowman by Steve Nelson is a  lovely book with beautiful and vibrant colored pictures. Putti loves this book that she got from her preschool teacher and it has the words of the song. We love to sing it too! 

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This is awesome! My oldest would love this.

kids just love pasting up yeah!! totally adorable!!

Cute! I'll have to look around for the foam I bought months ago...who knows what happened to it. But this would be fun.

Thanks everyone! Putti and her friends really are having lots of fun decorating the little guy everyday :) Hope ur kiddos love it too.

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