Thursday, January 10, 2013

Butterfly Themed Food

I had loads of fun prepping the table and looking at everyone admiring and eating the food at Putti's butterfly themed 5th birthday.
Butterfly Themed Food Kids Party Fun
Sadly I do not have a photo of the full food table. As you all know we 3 fell sick just a week before Putti's birthday this time. Though Putti and me recovered just in time for her birthday, poor daddy- our photographer was still feeling weak. And with all the last minute running around I totally forgot to ask my friends at the party to take charge of the photo clicking. Anyways, I did manage to get some pictures and here they are.
First up are these decorated butterfly sugar cookies. I had infact dropped the idea of making these, when we fell sick. But then Putti kept asking me everyday when will I make her butterfly cookies (I had shown her any cookie pictures on the internet for her to choose). I really broke my heart to hear her ask for these, so made them in last day which gave just enough time for these to dry.
Butterfly Cookies  Kids Party Themed Food
 I also had plans to make some spicy crackers in butterfly shape like those when I had made for her Fish themed Birthday. But again did not make them because of time. But was very happy to find these Pepperidge Farm Golden Butter Crackers in butterfly shape at Publix.
Butterfly Crackers Kids party Themed Food
 Adorable pretzel butterflies which was really a hit at the party with both kids and the adults. Check the post for details on how I made them.
Pretzel Butterfly Themed Food Kids party
Butterfly shaped fruit pizza was big hit too. I made this in the same manner I had made the India Flag Fruit Pizza(yet to share that on blog). I just baked a big butterfly shaped sugar cookie using the eggless cookie recipe I love. After it cooled, spread a mixture of cream cheese and confectioners sugar over it. Then topped it with fruits- orange, pineapple, strawberry, kiwi, banana, raisins and blue berries.
 Butterfly Themed Food Kids party fruit pizza
Veggies arranged to look like a butterfly. Have used broccoli, carrots, olives and cucumbers.
Butterfly Themed Food
Farfalle (butterfly shaped) pasta with spinach pesto sauce topped with peas, olives and tomatoes to look like butterfly.
Butterfly Themed Food Kids party
And these adorable butterfly cupcakes. Click the post to see how I made these Royal Icing Butterfly Cupcake Toppers.
Butterfly Themed Food kids party cup cakes
Apart from these, there was Pizza, chips, cheetos and cookies. Stay tuned for more butterfly party decorations, games and party photos!
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Beautiful Butterfly foods.....My favorite butterfly is butterfly Fruit - Pizza :) can't wait to try it

What adorable butterflies! Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase. I've pinned it to our feature board. :)

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