Saturday, December 15, 2012

Torn Paper Christmas Tree Kids Craft

I love how this torn paper Christmas Tree turned out.
Christmas Kids Craft Tor Paper Tree
I love doing simple crafts with Putti. And all you need for this is scraps of colored paper, a thick paper (cereal box will work), some glue and optionally blue cardstock, white paint and a toothbrush. I drew a triangle on the thick paper and asked Putti to rip and tear the colored paper until we had lots of pieces to use for our trees.
Torn Paper Christmas Tree Kids Craft
Apply glue all over the triangle and Putti as always used loads of glue. She then got busy sticking green paper pieces all over the triangle.  We ended up tearing some brown paper for the tree trunk.
Christmas Tree Kids Craft
 She then brushed some slightly watered down glue all over the tree. I don't know if this is necessary, we do it anyways. I think it helps the overlapping paper pieces to stick nicely.
Christmas Tree Preschool Kids Craft
 Over the wet gluey tree, add some bright colored paper pieces for the ornaments. And then let it dry.
Toddler Christmas Tree Kids Craft
 You could stop at the above step if you want. I had plans to make a white Christmas scene. So I cut out the tree and glued it to a bright blue cardstock. Then gave Putti some white paint. She dipped the tooth brush in paint and using a finger stroked the bristles of the brush to splatter paint all over the blue cardstock. This looks like snow. You could do this outside if weather permits.
Torn Paper Christmas Tree Kids Craft
 Here is our snowy Torn paper Christmas Tree.
Torn Paper Christmas Tree preschool Kids Craft

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Such a lovely tree! Love the splatter paint snow :-)

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