Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shredded Paper Play

This is what Putti played with last night while I was getting the dinner ready - Shredded paper play!
Like most kids Putti gets excited when we receive a box in mail. But more than what arrives in the box, she is keen to play with the box itself and the packing material like packing peanuts and shredded paper that comes with it. And I am a sucker for these packing material, that I always save these for play later on. 
Last night was one of those evenings, when Hemanth is out at his stamp club and I am in the kitchen getting the dinner ready. I heard Putti calling out to me "Amma, come here see my new hairstyle!!". I ran there dreading that she might have cut her hair to find this new style of Putti !!
She had re-discovered the green shredded paper that I had saved from someday's mail and was playing with it.  
 There sure is something magical about these shredded paper that it entertains my girl for long.
 She pretended to shampoo and wash her new hair lol.
 She went with her play, while I returned to my work in kitchen. Well, it was bit of a mess, but the clean kind. Do your kids love to play with packing material?

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Its so nice to see this. Glad she gets loads of free play and gets to express herself freely :)

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