Monday, December 10, 2012

Paper Plate Wreath

These Paper plate wreaths are not only beautiful, but also help kids develop their fine motor skills.
Paper Plate Wreath Kids Sewing Christmas
 It has been a very long time that shared any of our sewing activities on the blog. Putti has been doing various lacing, threading and other pre-sewing activities for a long time now. For this activity you will need some green paper plates, beads and buttons, yarn or wool. I did not have any green plates so i painted the red plate I had green.
Paper Plate Wreath Kids Sewing Christmas
 I cut out the middle of the paper plate and punched several holes along the perimeter of the plate.
Paper Plate Wreath Kids Sewing Christmas
 Then Putti enjoyed lacing through it, adding beads and buttons when she liked. She has mastered the art of going up and down with the yarn and loved the added beads in this activity. Thank you CraftProjectIdeas for sending these the bead and buttons. She kept talking about the color of beads she is using to decorate her wreath.
Paper Plate Wreath Kids Sewing Christmas
 Here is her finished wreath which she is holding proudly!
Paper Plate Wreath Kids Sewing Christmas
 And as always she wanted to make a couple more. This time I just gave her the red plate and made holes in it and for the third one, i suggested we try craft foam and that worked too. Only thing is she did not want me to cut the center off the third one, so I left it a full circle. Here's how they look all stacked one over the other.
Paper Plate Wreath Kids Sewing Christmas
 And here's all three of them on our wall.
Paper Plate Wreath Kids Sewing Christmas

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Disclosure: I was sent some craft material by CraftProjectIdeas for free.
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What a great idea. Simple idea but a little more skill with the threading of beads. I could get my youngest to simply glue things on too, whilst the older ones thread. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Pinkoddy! Yes, my girl has mastered lacing/threading very well so had to add something 'extra fun' for her:)
Oh hope your kiddos like it too.

Love the lacing idea! Brilliant. And the wreathes are lovely.

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


What a beautiful variation on the Christmas wreath and so great for fine motor skills.

Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots and for supporting us throughout the year. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013 to come

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