Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY Gift Wrap - Dot Stickers

This is very easy yet colorful and fun gift wrap that kids love to make. Remember the Pumpkins decorated with Dot stickers that Putti made in Fall? It was so simple and Putti really loved making them.  So we used it to make a wrapping paper too and this was fun.
DIY Gift Wrap Dot Stickers Christmas wrapping paper

Things needed: Easel paper roll or butcher's paper, dot stickers (office stickers).

Just like most kids, my girl loves sticking things. Peeling and sticking the stickers is great fine motor exerise too!! And Office stickers are cheaper then most kid stickers. We used the mini dot stickers today. So, first wrap your gift with the easel paper and then get your kids sticking. That's it, Done!!

RedTedArt also made some lovely dotty wrapping paper using the bigger dot stickers.  Check out the other DIY Gift wraps we have made.
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Loving all your DIY wrapping paper ideas! We will try this, my boy really loves stickers :)

(And uhm, just realised you gave me a shout out! Thank you ;-) xx

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