Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY Gift Wrap - Bingo Dot Markers

Today we have used one of my daughter's favorite art material - Bingo Dot Markers to make this lovely gift wrap for a little friend's birthday.
Gift wraps can put an unnecessary strain on the budget and is certainly a strain on the environment, especially around the holiday season. And I am all for frugal ideas, so end up making our own gift wrap often. The best part of making is you could use any paper roll, newspaper, brown paper bags from grocery or calender sheet like I have used today. 
So, for today's gift wrap all you need is some kind of paper to wrap your gift, some bingo or Do-A-Dot marker and ribbon/yarn. I got our bingo markers from Dollar Tree.
 Let your kiddos have fun making dots all over the paper. Putti often pounds the marker hard on the paper that the dots look more like splashes. If you haven’t tried it, do! It’s fun. 
 Here's the colorful paper drying.
 After it dries, wrap the gift, add a ribbon and gift tag. You are all ready to go out to the party!
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Love the paint splats!! The paper looks gorgeous :)

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