Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Gift For Santa

Putti is excited to meet Santa just like any other little kid. Even though we do not celebrate Christmas with gifts and Tree at home, we do take her to meet Santa at our local farmer's market. She also gets to meet and play with Santa at her preschool. We don't do gifts on Christmas. She does know Santa gets gifts to everyone but has not yet asked for one herself. 
Last weekend when I told her we are going to meet Santa, she got really excited followed by many questions. One of which was 'Who gives gift to Santa ?'. After thinking a lot I said "I don't know Putti, maybe Mrs. Claus gets him one". Putti said "That's not fair amma, he needs to get one too" And after talking and thinking for sometime she came up with "I am going to give one to him!". I did not want to curb her giving idea, so, we went out and bought some chocolates, as that seemed a safest option to give to a stranger.(Putti would not agree gift cards as gift). So she wrapped the gift all by herself. Here is how she made the wrapping paper using bingo markers. She then gave it to Santa, who was really surprised to get a gift!! 
A Gift For Santa
 After that, she enjoyed all the other activities there - watching the dancers perform, balloon animals.
putti's world
She loved decorating the gingerbread cookies there and eating them yummm.
kids decorate gingerbread cookies christmas
 Horse ride was fun too.
 And playing with frosty the snowman!
snowman play kids
Bless her little heart and pray she never looses this act of giving. Who do you or your kids think get gift for santa?
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She is so sweet to think about giving rather than asking. I also love your idea for dot markers on paper to use as wrapping paper!!

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