Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yarn Wrapped Block Prints

These yarn wrapped block prints were so easy for my little girl to make. I love that when mounted on a frame, these beautiful prints look even more fabulous and make lovely wall art for any room styles.
Stamping/ Printing for Kids Yarn Wrapped Block Prints
This idea is seen all over pinterest and I first saw it on education.comAll you need for these lovely prints is some yarn, paint, few sheets of paper towel or scrap felt and a few blocks. I began by wrapping some wooden blocks from Putti's block set with yarn. I taped the ends to secure it in place. If you don’t have a block, you can use anything “wrappable” in a shape of your choosing - think small cups, box etc. Once your printing block is ready, you could use stamp pads but ours are small for the block, so I had to make my own budget stamp pad by folding some paper towels on a tray and spreading some paint on them. You could use a piece of felt too like we have done in past with apple and leaf prints. We use washable crayola paints so not to worry about the blocks being ruined with paints. And funny that Putti chose the same color paint as the blocks I had picked :)Stamping/ Printing for Kids Yarn Wrapped Block Prints
Just dip the block in your paint pad and then stamp on the paper. We used some contruction paper.Stamping/ Printing for Kids Yarn Wrapped Block Prints
Love the texture that the yarn adds. Just keep stamping all over the paper until you like it.
Stamping/ Printing for Kids Yarn Wrapped Block Prints
Here is the finished print. Don't you love it? Yarn Wrapped Block Prints
Other prints that Putti made.Stamping/ Printing for Kids Yarn Wrapped Block Prints
In the below picture you can see the simple paint stamp pad that I made with paper towels. Stamping/ Printing for Kids Yarn Wrapped Block Prints
Putti took care not to overlap any prints in this below one and it looks beautiful too. Stamping/ Printing for Kids Yarn Wrapped Block Prints
Ideas to extend:
  • A group of these prints made in different colors would be a nice solution for a large empty wall.
  • You could apply this printing method to fabric too. I’m thinking about a table runner and cloth napkins. And maybe even a large throw pillow to add color to my neutral chair.
  • Made on blank cards they make some lovely handmade cards too.
  • You could cut various shapes out of cereal box cardboard and wrap them with yarn. That way you can get prints in the shape of your choice like say egg shape for Easter, Stars for 4th of July etc.
Do your kids like stamping with various things? My girl LOVES it and we have done it with pasta, scrubber, pencil eraser, celery, stickers, circles and more. Hope your kids love these Yarn wrapped block prints too.
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I really love these! We will have to try this out in our classroom too!

I'm going to try these tomorrow :) When printing we use kitchen sponges and paint which works well.

Thanks Deborah! Hope your class kids enjoy it too.

@Toady mama, Thanks. yes love the texture that yarn produces.

Jenny, thank you, good to see you here. Oh I have tried felt and paper towel but need to try sponge next time. Thanks for the tip.

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