Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Kids Craft - Fruit Loops Turkey

This Fruit Loops Turkey is a really simple Thanksgiving Craft activity for Kids.
Thanksgiving kids craft Fruit Loops Turkey
We had made some fall kids craft with fruit loops like the fall tree and pumpkin last month and Putti has then asked to do more of fruit loops collages. Many a times, she has just arranged them into a random pic on a plate and then gobbled them all. Now, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, I asked her if she wanted to make a turkey and she was ready as always. First she traced a circle using a little cup for the body of the turkey.
Thanksgiving kids craft Fruit Loops Collage Turkey
Next, I drew some feathers around the body. You could just a print out of a turkey coloring picture if you want it to be precise. She then drew the legs and feet.
Thanksgiving kids craft Turkey
Next, using a cotton swab add watered down glue (approx 1:1) to each part of the turkey.
Thanksgiving kids craft Fruit Loop Turkey
Then keep on adding the various colored fruit loops. For the body we used cheerios.
Thanksgiving kids craft Fruit Loop Turkey
Munching a few fruit loops in between glueing helps it seems.
Thanksgiving kids craft Fruit Loop Turkey
Here is the finished turkey and we left it over night to dry, just because we finished this ust before dinner that day. But I think just a couple of hours is enough to dry.
Thanksgiving kids craft Fruit Loop Turkey
We did notice that many of the fruit loops had shrunk unlike last time, maybe the amount of water added to glue was more this time. Anyways, I suggested to paint the eyes and add a pice a craft foam for the beak. But Putti insisted on googly eyes, as they are more fun and used a bit of play dough for the beak and wattle.  
Thanksgiving kids craft Fruit Loop Turkey
And as with all edible crafts, be sure to take lots of photos, because this art work may not be kept for long. This Fruit Loops Turkey is a fun Thanksgiving Craft for Kids of all ages.
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thats an idea. Frootloop collages. I really like your ideas, saw a pladough rangoli featured on Mommy labs and an going to try it with the girls.

What a wonderful craft idea! I'm going to do it with our Mommy Preschool this week. Thank you!

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