Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thankful Turkeys - Thanksgiving Kids Craft

Love how cute these Thankful Turkeys turned out. It was not just fun for my kids to make, but it made them think about things they are thankful for. 
This craft was inspired by the post on 'Craft for all Seasons'. I made it much simpler. To make the Thankful Turkeys you will need One toilet paper tube, Construction paper in various colors, a small piece of red playdoh, brown  paint paintbrush, markers, googly eyes, scissors and glue. 
First, the girls started by painting the toilet paper tubes with brown paint. 
While the paint dries, I drew feathers on the construction paper for the girls to cut. They both did a great job in cutting the feathers out. Putti's friend chose to use the fancy edge scissors and Putti used the regular one. 
Next, both the girls started writing things they are thankful for on their feathers. They were real keen on writing everything just because they loved using my sharpies :)
Here are the list of things they wrote that they are thankful for. Love that they are thankful for each other. Putti's writing has improved a lot over the past month, though her 'C' is still rotated.
By this time, the paint on the tp rolls had dried and the girls added googly eyes on them.
Then came the fun part of glueing the feathers on the tp roll. We had to reinforce the feathers with tape on the back, as the girls got a little impatient as the glue dried.
Then finally glued a small piece of red play doh for the wattle. Here are the girls all goofy with their 'Thankful Turkeys'.
More Ideas:
  • Each feather can be written with a word or phrase. 
  • Each member of the family can make their own to create a family of thankful turkeys.
  • At Thanksgiving dinner, you can place one feather at each person's place setting, and they can write what they are thankful for. Later all the feathers can be added to the turkey, which can be used as a table centerpiece. 
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beautiful turkeys! the way they are standing, they resemble our national bird peacock too!
loved ur space, glad to follow you dear.

Thanks Lavina. Oh yes, they can be made into peacocks too, just need change the colors:) Hope to see you here again.

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