Friday, November 23, 2012

Simple Thanksgiving Bunting - Acorn Roll Painting

This is a very simple bunting that I made for Thanksgiving. I used some of the acorn roll paintings which putti and her friends had done.
Simple Thanksgiving Bunting - Acorn Roll Painting
I really love making buntings and banners as they add a festive look to the house. When Putti and her friends made a bunch of acorn roll paintings, I wanted to make better use of it. 
Fall Kids Acorn Roll Painting
I just cut some leaf shapes from them and then taped them all together to make a simple garland. Then to add a personal touch wrote the letters 'THANKS' on the leaves to turn it into a simple Thanksgiving bunting!
Simple Thanksgiving Bunting - Acorn Roll Painting
Today, I am thankful for YOU my lovely readers. Each one of you. Thank you.

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A fun painting idea! Have tried marble painting, will have try the other variations. thanks

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