Thursday, November 22, 2012

Acorn Roll Paintings

Putti and her friends had lots of fun rolling acorns dipped in paint over paper to create some interesting patterns - Our Acorn Roll Paintings !!
Acorn Roll Paintings
This is a very process oriented art activity that kids will enjoy. Marbles are most commonly used to roll. Other than that we have tried shells, pumpkins, pine cones, golf balls, rocks and this time acorns. Each of these produce some interesting and unique textures. We started with some Crayola Washable Kids Paint and acorns from putti's collections.
Acorn Roll Paintings for kids
First poured some Paint into little cups and put 1-2 acorns in each.
Acorn Roll Paintings for kids
Placed a thick paper inside a shirt box(any flat bottom pan would work too). Then using spoons spooned the acorns on the paper.
Acorn Roll Paintings for kids
Then, began the fun of shake, shake and more shaking the box to roll the acorns around. Acorns are too light unlike marbles to build up enough momentum to pick the paint. So, they did not roll easily. 
But, Putti and her friends continued adding the acorns back again and again until the paper was completely covered with paint marks.
Acorn Roll Paintings for kids
All the children love this activity. We had a few acorns fly away as the boys'  shaking and rolling got rigorous but for the most part the box keeps the mess contained. You can use a covered box if you want or are afraid of flying acorns. But then kids will really love the open box as they get to watch  the fun tracks that the acorns make as they roll. 
Acorn Roll Paintings fall kids art
  • This is so easy to do at home or in the classroom and it's great for kids of all ages. 
  • The end product look cool too. You can cut them up to use as thank you cards.
  • You could cut out leaf/pumpkin/acorn shaped paper and then roll acorns on it too.
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