Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Cookies

Some Halloween Cookies that I made for a party.
Last year, I had bought these ghost and pumpkin cookie cutters in the after Halloween sale. But had not got to use them, so when a friend asked me to get a dish for their Halloween party, I knew I wanted to make use of these. I love how cute these ghosts look!
 I am no expert in baking and decorating, I just do it because my girl loves them, though she hardly eats them. These Jack O Lanterns were fun to decorate. Putti sat beside me and gave me all sorts of suggestions as to how the face should like.
 Here is a closer look at the monster cookies that I made inspired by this post on The Decorated Cookie. She has detailed constitutions on how to make and decorate them, take a look.
 I added little dots in the same icing color as the base, to make them look like warts. Monsters do have warts right? Right :)

Other cookies that I have made so far:
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They came out really good, Roopa! The warts are cracking me up.

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