Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Fall Jar Lanterns

Today, I am very excited to share this simple DIY Fall Jar Lanterns just in time for Halloween. 
DIY Fall Jar Lanterns
Tomorrow, I'll be sharing a DIY Reversible Fall and Halloween Bunting with you.  It's a craft I did as part of a campaign with Martha Stewart Crafts.  I received a box of Martha Stewart paints and other goodies to try out and share with you.  This is a little something else I made using those products and I have to say, they're pretty darn awesome.  
Materials Needed: 
  • Glass Jars (We used baby food jars)
  • Orange and Black Paints
  • Paint Brushes
  • Martha Stewart Holiday II Adhesive Stencils
  • Newspaper to cover the work area
First, clean the jars really well. Then using a brush, paint the inside of the jars with orange paint. Allow them to dry.
DIY Fall Lanterns
I love these adhesive stencils. It is great for people like who me who have limited painting skills and  help create a more professional looking crafts.  The awesome thing about these stencils are they stretch a bit, making it easy to do curved surfaces like jars and mugs.  And they're re-useable even after washing them, the stickiness persists!

DIY Fall Jar Lanterns
Apply the adhesive stencil onto the outside of the jar. I chose bat, cat and fall leaf stencils. Next carefully paint with black, making sure not to paint beyond the outer edge of the stencil. Do not use too much paint.  Add a 2nd coat if necessary. 

DIY Jar Lanterns
 Carefully peel off the adhesive stencils, while the paint is still dry. Then place Tealight candles in them and admire your little jar lanterns. 
DIY Fall Jar Lanterns
I love how these jars fit both the Halloween and Fall. Stay tuned for a DIY Reversible Fall and Halloween Bunting.
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Disclosure:  This post is not part of a paid campaign but I did receive some products free for use in an upcoming campaign.  The opinions, as always, are 100% my own.  
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