Saturday, September 22, 2012

Review - Little Miss Muffin Dolls

These Little Miss Muffins are Pop-n-Flip dolls that arrive in the package peeking out of a muffin cup.  Pop out her hands and feet and then flip the rubber muffin cup inside out and it becomes her skirt, how fun!! There ares 10 ‘flavors’ of these dolls. They all come in two different sizes - a regular one measuring about 5" tall and a jumbo which is about 11". They have yarn for hair, soft squishy caps with a solid velvety ball on top and the dress for each doll is unique with heart and flower emblem. 
Little Miss Muffin Dolls
We recieved a Little Miss Muffin Chip and a Little Miss Muffin Jumbo Pumpkin for review. My girl was thrilled when she saw the dolls.  She and her friend tore the dolls out of the box.
Little Miss Muffin Dolls
Both the girls loved their Little Miss Muffins, irrespective of the size. 
Little Miss Muffin Dolls
They had so much fun taking her in and out of her muffin cup.  
Little Miss Muffin Dolls
They loved it even more when I told them they can flip the muffin cup of the dolls inside to make skirt. They thought it was so cool!!
Little Miss Muffin Dolls
 These dolls are just too cute and my daughter and her friend have a new favorite doll.
Little Miss Muffin Dolls
Little Miss Muffin is available at Toys R Us. Check out the Little Miss Muffin Website, filled with plenty of activities, and yummy recipes. You can follow Little Miss Muffin on facebook for updates.
Disclosure: We received these little miss muffin to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are my own and unbiased.
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Awww -- So glad your girls enjoyed the dolls. Thanks for the great review.

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