Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Paper Chain Countdown

Halloween is one of Putti's favorite holidays and she has been wanting to know when she can go Trick or treating at the mall ever since she saw Halloween decorations and costume displays at the stores starting august.  So to help her  get a visual of how many more days left for halloween, we made this simple Halloween Paper Chain Countdown.
Halloween Countdown
Putti had recently made a paper chain as decoration for part our Indian Independence Day celebrations. And this time instead of just halloween colored paper chains, I told her we can make either a pumpkin, witch, spider, or a bat to add it. Putti said she wanted to make a cute and happy ghost. So that's what she made.  She first cut a circle out a thick white paper. Used a large bowl as template for circle. Then she drew in the ghost face and colored it in.
 Paper Chain Countdown
Meanwhile I cut some 2" strips of white paper. I suggested maybe we can add some black paper too, but she did not want any. After that she stapled the paper strips to make the paper chains. Our little stapler was missing, so she got to use daddy's big stapler which was slightly tricky for her little hands in the beginning, but got the hang of it soon.
Paper Chain Countdown
The garland was very long, so I suggested we make it into two and stick it on the little ghost face. The paper chains became the legs of the ghost and Putti then insisted on hands so cut some simple hands and taped it.  Here is the Paper Chain Count Down.
Halloween Paper Chain Countdown
Putti has been removing one link everyday now and counting the links remaining on the ghost! 
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Fun and simple. Love it. My weekly linky party--One Creative Weekend--has gone spooky this week in honor of my thirteenth party. If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll visit "One Creative Weekend" on (open every Fri-Wed) and link up this idea and anything else you’d like to share. (You can include non-Halloween posts as well, but feel free to link up as many Halloween-themed posts as you like.) There are two categories—one for Halloween and one for everything else.

This is awesome! My daughter loves Halloween too and doesn't understand when it actually occurs. Maybe this will help!

Thanks! Countdowns are fun to make the kids excited and help them understand the 'when' part:)

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