Friday, September 21, 2012

Ganesha Festival 2012

Yesterday was Ganesha Chathurthi or Festival as commonly called. Just like the past few years, we had made a Ganesh idol out of air dry clay. You can see the idols we have made in the past here in 200720082009 and 2010.
This is the idol that Hemanth made at home, unfortunately the one that Putti made with him  was broken as she kept proudly parading it around the house before it dried. 
DIY ganesha idol
 Here is the idol adorned with black chickpea garland, cotton garland, flowers and all at the festival.
Ganesha Festival diy clay idol
 Here is the idol that Putti made at the DIY Idol workshop for kids conducted by my friend. 
DIY Ganesha clay idol
 The silver idol at the pooja.
Ganesha Festival
 Here is our Putti with her ganesha.
Ganesha Festival clay idol
 This is the Ganesh rangoli I made.
Ganesha rANGOLI
 One more photo of Putti, performing arati to the god. 
Ganesha FestivaL clay idol
 Hemanth and Putti at the end of the day with their idols getting ready for visarjan.
Ganesha Festival clay idol
 Visarjane - Immersing the idols in water, sort of bidding them bye and asking them to visit us again next year. 
Ganesha Festival clay idol

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