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Sahitya-saurus, the T Rex #readforgood

"Imagination is more important than Knowledge" ~Albert Einstein
‎"When children pretend, they’re using their imagination to move beyond the bounds of reality. A stick can be a magic wand. A sock can be a puppet. A small child can be a superhero." ~Fred Rogers
And today my little girl was a Dinosaur .. Rrrroar !!!
Pretend Play Dinosaur
Welcome back to Readathon 2012! Week 4 brings some wonderful books to ignite your child's imaginationStorytelling and role play are considered important cornerstones of imaginative development. We read the book "There's a Dinosaur in the Park" by Rodney Martin. 
It is a cute story of a little boy who tells everyone he saw a dinosaur in the park. He talks about how he fed the dinosaur and rode on its back. My girl is fascinated by dinosaurs and adored this story. She wanted to dress up and act like a dinosaur. She picked up her Dino mask and pretended to walk and roar like dinosaur. 
Pretend Play Dinosaur
There was lots of growling, stomping and lots of talking like "I am a little dinosaur. I eat vegetables. I roar and stomp". All these talking made me think of another fun idea and I asked her if she would like to tell me her story, so that I can write it for her. She loved the idea. So, first I googled for T-Rex( her favorite Dinosaur) coloring page and printed the one she liked. While she colored it, I cut the head part off one of her photos and glued it over T-Rex's head. That became the cover page and the character of our book "Sahitya-saurus, the T-Rex!".
She narated her story which I wrote down for her. Here are some of the lines from her story:
"I am Sahitya-saurus, a little girl T-Rex! I live with my amma dinosaur and appa dinosaur. We live in the Jurassic Park. I have a strong tail. I can do lots of cool tricks with my tail. I can stand on my tail. I love my skateboard. I can go skating with you. We go hunting for food and eat it. We eat a lot because we are big. I love to sing and dance and play. I love to roar too, but dont' be afraid of me I will not bite you. I eat vegetables, fruits and fish, chicken and shrimp sometimes. I play with my friends. In nights I run to the bed and sleep on my favorite bed"
She has loved this so much that I have already written 4 versions of the same story and each time there is a little something that is different :) And she loves having it read to her! 
Other things you can do to promote imagination in your kids:
  • Make up stories about things your child likes and encourage him/her to make up their own or join and add details to your story.
  • Using a picture book (ignoring the typed words) make up the beginning to a story starting on the first page. Then have your child add to the story as you turn the pages. Don't correct your child if his additions to the story don't quite make sense. Anything goes!
  • Make a simple blank book out of plain paper stapled together. Have your child narrate a story to you as you write down a line on each page (or if your child is old enough, he can write it himself). If you want you can even laminate the book. Your child will love reading this book as he grows.
  • You and your child can each take a role in your story and play, it is gonna be lots of fun!
  • Imagination encourages a rich vocabulary. Telling and hearing real or made-up stories, reading books and pretend play help children learn and retain new words. 
  • Visit MeMeTales Week 4 Post for more imaginative play ideas from many other bloggers.
What is you child's favorite Imaginative Play? Remember anything is possible with a little Imagination!

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What a wonderful way to working on storytelling! I love the dinos!

Wow, love the idea, that way I can write stories of all the things my son has to say and I am sure he will enjoy reading them later once he grows big. He is close to 4 yrs, and has a lotz n lotz of imagination, he is tiger sometime and dino the next time jumping holding his fingers like dino, and he is a transformer the next time... so love the idea of making story book. Love it love it !

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