Thursday, July 5, 2012

'I Will' - {DIY} Books #readforgood

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Books are a great way to teach kids about positive behavior. We made this 'I Will' book to remind us about some of the things we learnt after reading 'Good Habits to Have' by Jenny at MeMeTales this week. Putti loves making books and this book has all words said(written) by her.  
Make books with kids
We did not emphasize on any specific behavior this time, but you can do that if you want to. I know we will be making more of these books for every behavior we need to learn/work on. I wrote the words 'I Will' in each page and then she completed the sentence and drew a picture for it. We used computer paper, stapled them and put it in a little file making it easy to hold and read. 
Here she wrote ' share my things with a happy face' and in the picture she is sharing her toy piglet with her friend with a happy face. And she added 'see amma, since I am sharing, my friend also has a happy face' :)
I will books
These are the other things she wrote today:
  1. I will put things away after using them.
  2. I will listen to my parents.
  3. I will welcome new people with a smile.
  4. I will work as a team. (something we are working on at the summer playdate and guess we will make a full book on this)
  5. I will eat new foods.(this one is influenced by the book - Ditto the Butterfly on MeMetales)
If you do make these books with your little ones, keep in mind that:
  • You could pick any specific behavior like helpfulness, orderliness, using nice words etc anything that you want to work on with your child.
  • Keep the book/words really simple.  Our book only has 1 sentence per page. 6-8 pages book has worked best for Putti, a 4yr kid.
  • Pictures are not always necessary. If your child does not like to draw, you could allow her/him to decorate the page with stickers or even better add stickers for each time they follow the sentence on that page like a reward page:)
  • Using Positive words is the key.  Do not use sentences like "I will not lie" instead say(make ur kids say) I will say the truth! 
  • Read your 'I Will' Book over and over again with your child.  
Are there any behaviors you are looking to reshape?  I would love to hear if you make this 'I Will' book with your kids !  

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