Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Gift Wrap -Trace and Decorate Hands

DIY Gift Wrap
Putti has always loved tracing around her hands and then decorating them. And last week after making literally tonnes of Rainbow Hands, she kept asking me to cut more paper for her. Thats when I asked her if she would like to do this on a large paper and then we can use it to wrap birthday gift for a good friend, who was going to have a 'Henna Theme Birthday Party'. She agreed to that idea. She has always loved 'Big Art' and I love upcycling her big art to homemade gift wrap so it was a win win for both of us!!  So, I cut and taped a long piece from her Easel Paper Roll and she began tracing her hands.

Trace and Decorate hands
She even traced my hands at times and I traced hers.

trace hands
She then worked on this roll on and off for one whole day. She used Stamp n Color Markers to decorate the hands. The ones we have are from Ikea, you can buy similar ones from RoseArtCrayola or Cra-Z-art.

homemade gift wrap

I really love the end results and don't you think it is perfect for a henna theme party? 

DIY gift wrap
We made a matching birthday card too. Just fold the card in half and trace around your child's hand on it. Later cut it all around except on the little finger's end, so that it becomes a card that you open it. Then decorate it as you wish. I wrote 5 on the center part (the girl is going to be 5 and it does look like S which is the first letter of her name) and then Putti decorated it. I then wrote the message inside the card and popped inside an envelope. The gift is all wrapped with a matching card.

DIY Gift Wrap
And, I baked 70+ of these Henna Sugar Cookies for her party! It sure was a lot of work, but the little girl and everyone at the party loved it. 

Henna Cookies

Stay tuned for pictures of a Fabulous Henna Birthday Party!

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Hi Roopa,

Very nice idea to decorate the gift wrap. You have wonderful site with loads of ideas to engage the kids. I have a super active 2 year old too. Will keeping checking your space to learn more :)

Btw I blog at www.scribbalicious.com Visit my space when u get time.

- Anu

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