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Books Promoting Positive Behavior - #readforgood

Welcome back to Readathon. Hope you all are enjoying the books at MeMeTales!Week 3 features books on character development,  promoting positive behavior. I believe Kids learn better by relating to the characters in a book.  It is easy for the little minds to relate to the behavior of the various characters in the book. The free books available this week are 

  • Good Habits to Have by Jenny is a perfect book for little ones to learn about good manners. It talks about kindness and honesty in everyday lives which makes it easier for the children to relate. 

Good Habits to Have
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Good Habits to Have

  • StickFiggy and The Piggy Monkey by Jane Marshall in which the super cute StickFiggy deals with The Piggy Monkey who wants his raspberry pie and throws a tantrum to get it. A great lesson for the little ones on Temper Tantrums!

StickFiggy and the Piggy-Monkey
memetales logoStickFiggy & the Piggy-Monkey

  • Ditto the Butterfly by Harini Babu is an adorable story with colorful illustrations in which the butterfly Ditto, learns to eat(drink) from different flowers. It encourages the children to try new foods and benefits of a good diet. 

Ditto the Butterfly
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Ditto the Butterfly
Other books that I love for promoting Positive Behavior are
  • Max and the Big Fat Lie by Michael P Waite teaches children how one "little lie" can turn into a gigantic lie! Max wants to watch a scary and he knows his mother would never let him watch it. He makes up a lie that his mom will believe. Soon the lie is so enormous and unbelievable that little Max can not take the guilt and shame of lying to his mother.
  • Handy-Dandy Helpful Hal, is a book about helpfulness by the same author and is part of a 8 book Character Building Books set. I have not had the chance to check the other books yet.
  • I do love the book of Aesop fables, some of which are available on MeMeTales too. I love these fables because they have a message at the end of the story. 
  • "Help Me Be Good Series Box Set" by Joy Berry has been a great resource for us . We have read 'Good Disobeying' and 'Being Rude'  Love them both for simple words and illustrations!
What is your favorite book for promoting good behavior?
These books are intended to be conversation starters for you and your child. Enjoy the stories and then talk about good behavior.Check this week's post on MeMeTales for Positive Behavior promoting Posts by other bloggers. 
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