Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stickfiggy Makes a Friend - Play Props #readforgood

We made these simple Play Props to retell the story ' Stickfiggy Makes a Friend'.
It is Friendship week at Readathon 2012 and we shared the book 'Lott's Tea Party', along with Putti's Pretend Play Tea Party play yesterday.  Today we read the book 'Stickfiggy Makes a Friend' by Jane Marshall. In this story, the cute little stick figure 'Stickfiggy' meets a chick who is lost, helps it and makes a friend! Putti is really into retelling and acting out the story these days, that we HAD to make play props to go along with the story!
For the stickfiggy, I wanted to use a round styrofoam but  could not find it (high time I organise our craft supplies). So, had to use a little ball of air dry clay and then paint it black. After it dried, I painted a wide mouth and 2 tiny eyes as Putti insisted on them. First thought of using cottton swabs, but later used black pipe cleaners to make the arms and legs. Twisted them to give the form I liked. 
The chick is super easy to make. Just used a plastic egg from Easter and then Putti glued googly eyes, a tiny orange foam for beak and some feathers. To make it stand, cut a small heart from an orange craft foam and glue it to the bottom and it becomes the feet!
And then putti was all set to retell the story as it was being read online. 
And she did have loads of fun retelling how 'Stickfiggy Makes a Friend' using her play props!

  • The Stickfiggy series author, Jane Marshall, has very generously given this free printable for your kids to enjoy with this book!
  • Check out the really cute Stickfiggy model made by Make, Do and Friend.
  • Also love the chenille stem stickfiggy and pompom chick made at No Twiddle Twaddle 
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Great job Putti! I'm sure you can tell wonderful stories!

I love it. That is such a great idea to make a round head for StickFiggy and use the egg for the chick. I love it!

Great props to help with retelling the story. They are so cute, and I bet Putti had a blast playing and learning!

What perfect props! How fun!! My son is big Stickfiggy fan, we may have to make one soon :)

Ooh these are cute! Especially love your chickie!!

Thanks for linking up at The Sunday Showcase, hope to see you again this week!


ps thanks for linking our StickFiggy too

Love the props! They are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

I love the cute props to go with the story. Please add a link to this post to the new Artsy Play Wednesday on Capri + 3. It is a new linky featuring posts about arts, crafts and play activities. You can also add links to archived posts because they will be new to new readers. I hope to see you there.

: 0 ) Theresa

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